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Market Add Research and Promotion Services

Want MORE out of your Market & Social Research and Online Promotion? With access to billions of consumers across World, Market Add is rapidly emerging as a leading Market & Social Research and Digital Media Promotion company.

Market & Social Research

Qualitative Studies- FGD, DI, CLT, Ethnography, Quantitative Studies- Face to Face Interviews. Mystery, Stock and Reveal Audits.

Online Data Services

Online Data Collection, Data Collection via Online Banners, Database, Social Media, Data Cleaning, Data Profiling and Data Mining.

Digital Media Promotion

Website Development, Website and Article Submission, Promotion Via Google Add Sense, Promotion Via Social Network Sites and Banners.

Why-Market Add

Many of Market & Social Research, Online Data Services and Digital Media Promotions Companies are in the market besides of huge competition our existing client never leave us and new clients are keep on associating with us, its because of our these qualities.


We work at lightning speed to get the final report in days, not weeks or months


Authentic Consumers, Validated Data purchases, consumption & ownership.

Cost Effective

We are committed to provide Excellent Quality Services in Competitive Price.

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